Ever dream of indulging in daring exploits to get away from the monotony of everyday life? With xventure, this will no longer be a fantasy. At this unique leadership program you will undergo a life-changing experience

Duration: 6-Days

Target Age: 18 - 30 years

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About the Program

Our youth is faced with challenging and competitive environment. They need to be geared up to confront the tough realities of life with wisdom and confidence. xventure prepares them for this. xventure is a 6-day and 5-night travel, adventure and leadership program to discover, enhance, and utilize your leadership potential.

xventure is a 6-days program designed to encourage you to break out of your shell, face your fears and unleash your resilience. Planning, preparing, performing, it’s a formula that applies not only to the wilderness but to the expedition of life. The back country provides the ideal setting for this unique, experiential education.

Survival Challenge: The name explains it all, xventure is designed to push you to your limits, to stretch and then reflect the choices you make. The theme survival challenge is not challenging the participant’s physically but also challenging them emotionally, the SoL facilitators and mentors will run sessions on emotional survival as well as plan some physical activities.

Surviving in the wilderness is an integral part of this expedition. The participants will not only learn to be self-reliant but also be exposed to the basics of teamwork, setting goals, planning efficiently and getting connected with nature through activities like camping, Hiking, Cooking etc

What will you learn?

Handling Pressure

Perform under pressure

Comfort Zone

Get out of your comfort zone


Connect with others & nature

Mood Management

Learn mood management


Boost your confidence, feel more independent and learn some invaluable new skills

Survival Skills

Getting yourself in tough situations to learn and enhance extreme survival skills

Program Highlights

1. Experience Pakistan, the land of opportunities with stunning and serene natural surroundings that features mountains, waterfalls, and river

2. Engage in a broad range of activities, from taking river-rafting, hiking, trekking, zip lining and much more

3. Meet a group of diverse-like minded people from all across Pakistan and enjoy a fantastic time with them throughout the 6-day journey

4. Spend time appreciating nature, enjoying long days and short nights near the serene view

5. Learn valuable life-skills through constant mentoring with our master facilitator

6. Do something special and out of the ordinary that will completely influence your future and whole life!


Who Should Attend?

X-Venture is a 5-day leadership, adventure & travel program that is ideal for energetic, adventurous and eager to learn youngsters between the ages of 18 to 30


Our Facilitators




November 30, 2019
December 1 - 4, 2019


PKR 35,000
The investment includes all sessions, activities, visits, mentoring,
experiences, learning material, social events, and certification.
Payment details will be shared once your registration is confirmed.